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Brazilian Carnaval in Denver - March 15th

For those looking to experience a little bit of how Brazilians enjoy their parties, the group Ginga will be performing an original Brazilian Carnaval in Denver. With a full Bateria (group of people playing drums) they will make your heart beat in a unique way!

More info:

  • LIVE MUSIC all night long with Ginga playing Samba, Forró, MPB, and much more!!

  • Free Samba Dance Lesson with Kebrina Josefina De Jesus!

  • Special mid-show performance with Batería Alegría, featuring Dance performances by Samba Colorado Dance Company!

  • Capoeira performance with Mestre Lucas Corvo and Capoeira Mandinga!

  • Traditional Brazilian food!

  • Fresh Caipirinhas!

Price: $15

Place: Mercury Cafe Denver - 2199 California St., Denver, Colorado 80205

Start: Saturday - March 15th - 7:30pm

Facebook: Click Here

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