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Busy BJJ Programs

​       At Busy BJJ we offer a variety of programs to ensure that regardless of your size, stature, gender, age or skill-level, we offer the classes you need to grow and excel. Our classes also address your personal goals, whether physical fitness, weight-loss, self-defense, stress relief or combative-related, we'll ensure you find what you're looking for. Below we have all our programs. Please follow the apppropriate link to read more about the programs offered by Busy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

Fundamentals (Beginners)


          The Fundamentals program is our introductory program into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this program you'll learn the basic moves you'll need for the rest of your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu life. We'll teach you basic and effective techniques from all major positions within Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; guard top, guard bottom, side-control top, side-control bottom, mount top, mount bottom, back control and back defense. The Fundamentals program rotates every three months (12 weeks) and each week we work on one of the six, major positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Over the course of 12 weeks you'll attend at least two different classes, drilling each position thoroughly.

          The Fundamentals program is divided into two seperate programs. In Fundamentals 1 we will fill your mind with elemantary techniques and drills. We will push you to do as many classes as possible so your basics are solid and your game is fundamentally sound! Approximately three months after you start, you will move on to Fundamentals 2 where you will still work on improving your fundamentals and technique, but you will also start training in our Organized Sparring sessions, Here we'll allow you to put practice into play. You'll do so in a safe, controlled setting under the close supervision of one of our instructors.



In the Intermediate program you'll learn more advanced techniques and you'll begin to develop a Jiu-Jitsu game specifically suited to your personal preference and "style". You will also start training on our No-Gi classes and our Free Sparring sessions. At this point we trust that you'll possess the appropriate technique and discipline to practice your Jiu-Jitsu with less direct supervision.

You should advance to the Intermediate program approximately two months after starting our Fundamentals 2 program AND only after we conclude that you are able to demonstrate the technique and self-control required to participate in our Intermediate program and the Free Sparring sessions. Student welfare is Priority #1 at Busy BJJ.



          After you've earned your blue belt, it's time for you to start participating in our Advanced classes. This is where the real fun starts as you begin your journey towards becoming a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

          These classes are tought by brown and black belt instructors. The classes consist of advanced moves where we focus on the smallest details since the details in your technique are what separate elite jiu-jitsu players from average ones.

          Students in the Advanced program also receive additional benefits like free clinics, discounts on seminars and much, much more.



          Coach Tom goes over some of the most efficient takedowns for BJJ and Self-defense. With a black belt in Judo and a purple belt in BJJ, he can be consider a specialist on taking a fight to the ground and will be teaching you all his tricks.

          Every fight starts on the standing position and 97% of them end on the ground, so landing on a good position is very important to conquer any confrontation.

          Takedown classes are also a great workout! Come try one of our classes to learn how to defend yourself and get some sweat at the same time!!!

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