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Busy BJJ Instructors

Busy BJJ has a team of very qualified instructors. Please take a moment to read their bios and get to know them a little.

Professor Mario "Busy" Correa

Head Instructor


          Professor Mario Correa was born in Rio de Janiero, the birthplace of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mario began his training under world-class competitors and instructors Roberto "Gordo" Correa and Vinicius "Draculino" Magalhaes. Soon after he began training with instructors from the famed Gracie Barra Academy and joined their main academy in 2002.

          In Brazil, Professor Marcio Feitosa and Master Carlos Gracie Jr. were responsible for awarding Mario his brown and black belts, respectively. Mario's competitive accomplishments include winning the first Brazilian National Championships in 1993, a bronze medal in the 1999 Brazilian National Championships, a silver medal in the 2004 Brazilian National Championships and winning the BJJ Pan-Am Championships in 2008.

Professor Larry Schnaare

BJJ Instructor


          Professor Larry began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) while in the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton, in 2001. After finishing active duty, Larry moved home to Illinois and began training at Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy, a Royce Gracie school located in Paducah, KY. Larry received his blue belt from Royce, himself, and his purple belt from Rodrigo Gracie.

          In May, 2008, Larry relocated to Denver and continued his training under Professor Mario Correa, receiving his brown belt in 2008 and his black belt in 2011. In addition to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Larry also trains Muay Thai under UFC veteran and former World Muay Thai Champion Duane "Bang" Ludwig.

Professor Ryan Walden

RFLX Head Instructor


        Professor Ryan Walden began his pursuit of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at CBJJ, a Rigan Machado School. He began competing as a white belt and continued through his purple belt medaling at every competition. While holding a brown belt backed with 5 years of Muay Thai training he tested his skills inside of the cage as a professional mixed martial artist. After almost a decade of dedication to Jiu Jitsu he earned the rank of Black Belt under Professor Mario Busy Correa. Professor Busy Continues to mentor Ryan at RFLX TC.

Professor Beth Kolanowski

BJJ Instructor


        Professor Beth has been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since July of 2008 under Busy BJJ's Professor Correa. The ever changing discipline, and the mental and physical challenges of training in jiu-jitsu have lead her towards a focused commitment to the women of the sport. Having fought and won several local tournaments in her division and competing on stage in Fight 2 Win Pro shows, Beth continues to strive towards advancing her skill set, competing as much as possible, and guiding students (especially women) to success and advancement in jiu-jitsu.

        When she is not on the mat, Beth works full time as an American Sign Language Interpreter. Originally from Indiana, this Hoosier girl enjoys kicking it with her BJJ family, staying active off the mat, volunteering for people with developmental disabilities, and making the most of all that is outdoors in Colorado alongside her furry, four-legged partner-in-crime, Brody.

Coach Tom Rampley

Takedowns and Drills Instructor


          Tom Rampley began training Judo in 2000 at Indiana University, going on to win the AAU Judo Junior National Championship in 2003 and placing as high as 7th in US Judo Collegiate Nationals in 2004 in addition to receiving his black belt from John Hampton. In 2002 Tom also began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and quickly fell in love with the art, training and competing as frequently as possible. Now a purple belt under Professor Correa, Tom splits his time between teaching standing grappling at the academy and his job as an IT manager at a large telecommunications firm, as well as his growing family.

          You can see coach Tom teaching the BJJ Takedown classes and running the drills sessions.

Coach Tim Gillette

BJJ Instructor


          Tim began his training in Combat Judo, a blend of Judo and Sambo, in 2006 under Paul Petushin in Minneapolis, MN. The instruction focused 50% of the time training in the gi and the other 50% training without the gi. After 2 years of consistent training, Tim decided he wanted to focus on nogi jiu jitsu and found Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

          In 2010 Tim earned his Blue Belt from Eddie Bravo. Around this same time a good friend, Nate Kleinfeld (Black Belt under Eddie Bravo), opened Next Level Combat/10th Planet St. Paul, MN. Tim began helping out with teaching some classes and in April 2011 Eddie Bravo promoted Tim to Purple Belt.

          Tim decided he wanted to start train in the gi again so he joined Gracie Barra Twin Cities in 2011 while he was still training at 10th Planet. He began his journey in the gi starting over at White Belt. After training there for 2 years Tim earned his Blue Belt from Professor Rodrigo Sul and his Purple Belt from Mark Mortensen. During his time at Gracie Barra Tim participated in the Instructor Certification program and became certified to teach under Gracie Barra.

          Tim continued to teach adult classes at 10th Planet St. Paul, MN until November 2015 when he and his wife decided to move to Denver, CO. He started training at Busy BJJ immediately after the move and in February 2017 was promoted to Brown Belt by Professor Mario "Busy" Correa.

Coach Jesus "Chuy" Valle

BJJ Instructor


          Coach Chuy has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since March of 2012 under Busy BJJ's Professor Correa.  He started his Jiu -Jitsu journey because it teaches mind-body awareness in relation to training with an opponent, it promotes persistence and grit, and it gets you to face your fears.  Coach Chuy currently coaches the Busy Bees.  
          Outside of the mat, Coach Chuy is currently pursuing his early childhood education degree at University of Northern Colorado.  He is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico.  He enjoys his free time with his nieces and nephews, friends, and traveling.

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