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Some of our students and friends had something to say about Busy BJJ. We appreciate your messages and if you didnt send us one yet, please click here and let us know what you think of us.

Austin F.

          What an excellent BJJ school. This school lives up to it's name as I am VERY busy and don't get to as many classes as I would like. But this school offers classes early in the morning before work, around lunch, after work and even after dinner time there is a class for you.

          The instructors and the fellow students are very respectful, friendly and helpful. I love the fact that you get such detailed instruction on technique for both self-defense and tournament play. The mat is very comfortable and you can get through an entire class without feeling beat-up.

Kevin S.

          This is a pretty sweet place to train bjj. Very informative BB instructor, "Busy" and the rest of the coaching staff is great, as well. The atmosphere is respectful and friendly, yet at the same time it can be very competitive and encouraging, to help us get to that next step on the stairway to BJJ.​

          I've been training here since October '11 and before I started I checked out a few other places. One place, there was an injury because of the intensity with lacking technique and so that put me off. At busy bjj, you don't roll until the professor thinks you're ready and puts you with people that will not intentionally hurt you.

         A great place to train BJJ.

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