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Saturday Morning Armbars and a Promotion

We had a great Saturday class today at Busy BJJ!

In this morning's class, the Fundamentals students worked on the top half-guard series we've been doing this week, while the Intermediate and Advanced students had a quick session working on the flower sweep and then spent the rest of the Q&A class practicing armbar attacks from bottom closed guard. Professor Mario explained all of his favorite details to make the armbar even more effective.

Also, a very big congrats to Tim Larson for getting promoted to his second stripe. It's a big Tim will be sparring with our blue belts and up. Way to go, Tim! Keep up the dedication.

Next week at Busy BJJ, we'll be focusing on the following positions:

  • Fundamentals - Top side control

  • Intermediate, Advanced, and Kids - Bottom open guard

  • Women's Only BJJ (Thursdays at 630pm) - Professor Beth's preference

  • For our competitors or those who want to come in and get some good, hard training, we have Competition class Tuesday night at 6:30pm. Three stripe white belts and up only, please! Otherwise please speak with Professor Mario to ask for an exception.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the mat!

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