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Fight to Win Pro tonight and Tournament tomorrow

Coach Larry will be representing our gym tonight on the Fight to Win Pro. And again he's donating his commissions to a great cause! Please open the link and read Jayden's story. If possible make a donation.

From coach Larry: "Take the time to read Jayden’s story, he’s an amazing young man and needs your help. I’m donating all commissions from tickets sold to Jayden. To get tickets go to and select Larry Sarjeant. If you can’t attend please donate here. Thank you to everyone for your support, we are getting so close to being able to afford this treatment."

I'll also be coaching Ryan and Ty from Factory X. They both been coming to our gym for some extra training and to meet our students.

Good luck to all three! I know you'll represent us really well!!!

Since I'll be coaching them, coach JJ stepped up and will teach all three classes tonight. Thank you coach for your help!!!

Tomorrow we'll have a lot of our students representing our flag on the tournament. Since our coaches will be at the tournament helping them, both classes are cancelled tomorrow.

Good luck to all!!!

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