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Busy BJJ will have a new schedule and it looks great!!!

Starting July 10th we'll have a new evening schedule with more classes for you!

Instead of two classes at the same time we'll have 3 classes in the evening. The classes will overlap 15mins with the first class doing drills and the following class warming up. Our front mat will hold the classes while our second mat will have the warm-ups and sparring.

A great add to our schedule is a women's BJJ class with coach Beth. This is an all levels and opened to all gyms class, so if you know somebody who trains at a different gym and wants to visit us to have a class with our great coach please invite them. Also, if you know somebody who showed interest on starting BJJ and you think they'll feel more comfortable starting on a women's only class this could be a good transition for them.

Another great addition to the schedule is a Fundamentals class and a Q&A class on Saturday, instead of our Drills. They will be at the same time and the Q&A will be for the Intermediate and Advanced students. Even if you don't have any specific questions we can give you some answers! ;)

If you have any questions about our new schedule please ask me or our new manager Matt McG!

See you all on the mat,

Prof Busy.

PS1: no changes on the 6:30am, noon or kids classes.

Full Schedule

Advanced Program

Intermediate Program

Fundamentals Program

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