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Support Coach Larry in F2WPRO 55

Coach Larry will be competing in Fight to Win Pro 55 on Friday, November 17. Coach Larry and his opponent, James Short, will be fighting to honor their mutual friend, Louis Papedo. Louis passed away earlier this year after a heroic battle with cancer. They'll both be donating all of their earnings from the event to set up a trust for Louis' young daughter, Sera. Lastly, the event promoter (Seth Daniels) has pledged to match the donation, so your donation to fund Sera's trust will be doubled!! Visit today and purchase a ticket.

Note: Please be sure to select 'Larry Sarjeant' or 'James Short' in the dropdown during your purchase to make sure your contribution goes towards the donation. Professor Mario is planning on buying a table. Please let us know ASAP if would like to join and how many seats at the table.

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