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The Busy BJJ Store and our Holiday Schedule

We have a couple of important announcements!

(1) we have launched a store with Busy BJJ-branded gear, and (2) we have a few holiday closures to announce as well.

>> Shop Busy BJJ: <<

We've had many requests for Busy BJJ t-shirts, sweatpants, etc. Through a partnership with The Loyalist, we now have an online shop where you can buy Busy BJJ items from various types of clothing to accessories such as phone cases. There are different styles and colors for each product; just click on an item in the store, and then you can choose from multiple style and color options. Check out the Busy BJJ store and see for yourself!

The store is live, so please place an order today! The Loyalist will produce and then ship your items directly to you; they even have shipping options to get you your items by 12/25 if you're shopping for gifts, but time is running out. See the attached image for shipping timelines. Also note that hats and "performance" gear take longer to produce and are excluded from those shipping timelines.

Busy BJJ Holiday Schedule

We will have the following schedule changes:

  • Friday (12/22) - All classes canceled with the exception of no gi open mat* at 11:15am. Hosted by Coach Larry

  • Saturday (12/23) - closed

  • Sunday (12/24) - closed

  • Monday (12/25) - closed

  • We resume our normal schedule on Tuesday, 12/26.

If we can confirm any coaches to host additional open mat times, or if we have any other changes, we will post them on our website, Facebook page & group, and we'll send out an email as well.

*FYI: open mats are different than sparring sessions. Students who are not allowed to spar yet are welcome at open mats to practice their techniques and/or do drills.

Happy holidays!

The Busy BJJ Team

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