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Busy BJJ New Year's Holiday Schedule

Good evening Busy BJJers! This is a quick announcement about the schedule for this week.

We are open with our normal schedule today (Tues, 12/26) through Friday. The only exception at this time: no 6:30am classes this week.

Then, this weekend we will have the following schedule changes:

  • Saturday (12/30) - closed

  • Monday (1/1) - closed

We resume our normal schedule on Tuesday, 1/2.

If we can confirm coaches to host additional open mat* times, or if we have any other changes, I will post them on our Facebook page and group as well as send out an email.

*FYI: open mats are different than sparring sessions. Students who are not allowed to spar yet are welcome at open mats to practice their techniques and/or do drills.

Happy holidays!

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